Monday, 20 October 2008

feeling bad!!!

I feel very bad that i have neglected my duties as a blogger, personally I'm finding this whole process very hard. I normally (as stupid as it sounds) look forward to letting off steam in my portfolio and getting everything down but this feels loose i worry its all wrong?!? I'm scared about giving my opinion in case someone reads more or less into what i am trying to say.

I am enjoying all the work we are doing and AM going to get round to writing about it all at some point. But i feel this blog thingy is not for me!

I enjoy being artistic and creative with my portfolio and i feel like i should be writing much more structured than i am at the moment and wondering how will this all be put together. I know it's not something that i necessarily need to worried about now but i like to know what i have to do and am going to do...I'm a very organised person.

This blog is turning into a self help clinic for me!!

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Mark Griffin said...

Oi Lucy!

You're doing a great job on the Blog - The Help review is excellent. Don't rush though, it's just a new way of doing things and it'll take time to find your voice. Hopefully people will read what you right... but isn't that good? It just means you have to say what you mean and mean what you say. On both these counts you have nowt to worry about.