Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Last lecture i was confused...for a change!

I thought this year was going to be the same as last but harder...i think I'm probably stressing myself out a lot more than i actually need to be, being away from uni has helped a lot...i seem to feel much more relaxed at home...away from the smogg of London!

I can't say i fully understand Verbatim theatre and i can't say i think i will like, i like the idea of using the stories, real life stories form the horses moth so to speak, isn't this just a branch off from forum theatre? The stories that Cardboard Citz did for us were peoples true stories...I don't know!

I'll tell you what i do know....i know i want a challenge...i worked with Hannah, Char and Kat plus 3 of the lads last year and really enjoyed the challenge of the work. We went into a school in Sheen and it was a real struggle. The class were extremely unruly, and the teacher came with problems of his own...However we all put in a lot of hard work and extra time with the class and I'm happy to say that it really paid off! I enjoyed every minute of working with the group...i enjoy the psychological side of projects like this and the change of behaviour in this group was out standing...However, i have done that now and want a bigger challenge.

I would love to come back to Leicester and do a project or go to Birmingham and sort something out there but travel is expensive...I'd like to work in a small group and with Creative Colab is at the same time as community theatre work wise and rehearsal wise i can't see myself getting anything properly done as I'd spend days and nights in a car or on a train...also finding a group of people who would actually want to come to Leicester could be hard.

Another thought i had was that my dad works and built up a charity through the police called 'Child Victims of Crime' its pretty much what it says on the tin...both my parents take up to 60 kids and family's to Florida every year...its a huge task and its really beneficial to the means they are surrounded by other people who have suffered the same losses as them just maybe in different ways. One girl a couple of years ago talked for the first time since her mother and sister had been murdered...the charity do such wonders for these children. I don't know if there is something i could do with this???

Its very hard, i don't really want to just go back into a main stream school but after doing some calling round it's very difficult to get placement where i would like to be!?!

Anyone have any ideas...

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