Thursday, 6 November 2008


We went to see DV8 last night at The National Theatre...Bex's boss got us free tickets so we were sat right near the front for free, right in front of Paul Woodward which was funny! Anyway less bragging about free tickets more about what we saw!
The piece that was performed was Verbatim theatre which was very strange as we'd only just been talking about it and i was thinking that i didn't understand it or really see how it could be used! After seeing the show i understand and not only do i understand i really like it. The technical side of the performance was fantastic not just the use of the 'black board and comic' but also the technical movement of the body and how words and actions were performed onstage.
The stories were so real and acted, in my opinion, to a very high standard. They were real and raw extremely moving. The one that hit home hardest to me was one about a girl in South Africa, I'd not seen that side of the country because of the areas I've weird that even the world can be censored for us.
Myself and two other members of our group have decided to work together for our final piece as we were all interested in the same areas...we have come up with many ideas and made many phone calls and also done a lot of research and seem to be set on an idea now of using several different approaches to our i think we made a break through...i am now very excited about this module and can't wait to get stuck in and start getting out there and showing our own theatre. I hope we can achieve the reality and clarity that DV8 achieved with their performance.

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