Monday, 2 March 2009

Womans aid?

Well as you all know we were really excited about the womans aid project and were hoping to get in and meet some ladies, work with them and then get their stoires out there and heard. However i have spent since christmas on the phone to the people at head office trying to sort things out but i was either not getting phone calls back or being sent in a circle.

So sticking with the idea we looked at doing our own stories, ones that would effect and audience and get them thinking!

We had this i dea before we saw Jaquie Andrews Creative Collab peice, this was really good as we had ni idea how to link the stories and though we didn't think that movement would work for our peice it was good to see the different methods that they had decided to use for their piece.

With the Womans aid not working out and dates booked for Leicester we needed to think fast so we thought more about story telling!

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