Sunday, 22 March 2009


A community is basically a relationship with others, where they all communicate about one thing. Or there is one thing that brings them together. If they communicate well then this can help a group if not this could hinder a group.

A relationship is built on understanding, trust and communication, if all these factors are working then you are able to create your own community.

Communication can be visual or oral, it can be done using touch or even smell? For example people who bath in perfume or aftershave before they go out are communicating through smell. This can help create a relationship for a job or partnership again leading to the creation of some form of community.

What are your thoughts on this, and although there are other factors to this, how come we find it so hard to communicate. Why do people read into signs that might not even be there and also why if you want to part of a community to people go out of there way to not fit in to it?

Does any of what i just said make sense?

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