Thursday, 30 April 2009

Leicester wk 2

When we first arrived at the school we were really excited about being back. We decided this time we were going to look at forms of communication, the way people communicate.
We talked about all the sense's and how they are used to communicate, from verbal communication to non verbal. We spoke about how what we wear says something to others as well as our body language. I tried to pick someone out in the class who didn't look interested and mirror them and ask the class what they thought my body was communicating, everyone in the room soon changed there posture and attitude.
We did a warm up game that me and Kat did last year in T.I.E where we each wrote down 3 statements about our self and then asked the class to put which ones they thought went with each person, i don't think they got one right more than once! Then we said how its easy to judge people at face value but that actually, 9 times out of 10 could be wrong. Then we said that we hadn't come in to judge them however if they gave us a reason to think other than good thoughts that was on there own shoulders as we would only be judging them on there commitment to the work.

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