Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Right I've just got back from Brazil, for those of you who know me you probably know i lived there for a while working in a school in a favella (slum) Anyway i went on holiday with my parents for two weeks there over the summer and went back and visited the school i had worked at.

This is the story of Georgino.
Georgino was 16 when i met him working at the school as a helper, his father had been shot and his mother had died of AIDS two years before, he was living with his elderly Grandmother and his older brother, His brother was/is a drug addict and would constantly beat Georgino up for money.
Georgi was such a hard worker and got on so well with the kids and us, when i returned last week i asked Mearo the leader of the school what had happened to him, He said that Georgino had gone and got and education and worked his way up over the last few years at a local radio station and now was earning a very very good wage!

I'm telling you this because I'm wondering for someone brought up in such a hard community where everyday was a struggle or physical and emotional stress, how come he is such a lovely person and has gone on to do so well.

I think that this puts into perspective any ones issues or problems!
I just wanted to share that with you all xxxx

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Kat said...

I love hearing about your stories from Brazil. i always look at community as a good thing that you need to belong to. But if you come from a negative community like he did then escaping it and 'doing something with you life' is a good thing. Its nice to look at a community diferently especially when our projects are focused on making a community better. Even though the project in Brazil was about making the community better its nice when a boy with nothing can do it by himself and maybe wherever he goes he can make his new community better from what he has learnt. You are right it definately does put our issues in life into perspective