Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Right, firstly i apologise to my blog once again for the neglect...'I'm sorry Blog but i hate you!'

Homesick is a word that i have never associated with myself, I have lived away from home for nearly 4 years now and last week i had the first signs of homesick, OK so it's not a decease, I'm not at risk but i am upset and feeling odd! (odder than usual)
How is it you can be away from home for a year and only see your parents once for one week and then time when you are living only two and a half hours away I'm homesick!

For the first time in my life in London i can the North/South divide...for the record i am from the midlands! Everything is different down here and i had never even noticed it before maybe because i have been here for so long I'm now looking for things that are different, and that made me miss being at home, there things that would seem so trivial to you but to me, at this moment in time, there huge. I want to go for a walk...where can i go? In Leicester about 10 mins away from my house is a park, it is massive and has old ruins and there was Lady Jane Grey who lived in this house...its beautiful, there are deer and a river running though and it's so peaceful, i go there for picnics with my friends in the summer, my Nana and grandpa used to take me there when i was little, I'd go horse riding there and i used to take my dog there. You can see it from my house and my mum and dads house...Maybe its familiarity that I'm searching for...i wonder how many of us have places like this...even the same place that we share but for different reasons...this just got me thinking about people's communities that are together but separate. In the work we did with Molly on Ritualistic theatre we talked about the uni and different people memories of certain buildings or rooms...i hadn't actually linked any of this until i just sat down and started to type funny how things come to us when we think in detail...everything fits into everything eventually!

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