Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Insight to the past!

Fiona and Mary came a couple of weeks ago and i thought it was fantastic , we learnt so much about there past and for me there were some real key moment whilst they were talking that really caught my attention, for different reasons.

I loved it when we talked to them about their first love, to me it was a real insight to just how fantastic times were and they've developed over time. Such as Mary meeting her 1st partner playing tennis and then playing doubles,etc. Seems to be like something i thought they made up for TV and Fiona's husband driving her home drunk and not knowing the way...how crazy is that. I also think that the fact that fashion has changed so dramatically over the years, i feel like were and era that doesn't fit in as our dress code seems so normal for the flower power and the colourfulness of the 60's and 80's, maybe catch up with me in 40 years time, when people are age are looking at our clothes thinking how cool...i just don't see it happening...nothing is as outrageous as it used to be, is what i think I'm getting at. I agree with equal rights 100% but the fight that people like Emily Pankhurst went through seems so brushed aside to me, i know allot of my friends didn't even turn up to vote and how sad is that, woman fought to give us that right and now we can't be bothered to even respect them by turning up. Another thing is woman keeping a career and being sorting out the house...were not wonder woman, Woman used to stay at home and look after children and the house now they try to to do all of that and hold down a full time job...who says they had it hard back then, I'm joking of course...but only to a certain extent!

I'm going to sound like a complete looser when i say this but i was completely envious of them, this maybe strange but doesn't anyone wish that they would have been round for one of the world wars??? I do, i know it was such a devastating time in history and not one that some people like to talk about but i just think personally that we take so much for granted these days. Mary talked about at night when everything would be pitch black and you'd hear the sirens and have to hide and as you looked into the night sky and the lights were beaming into the sky looking for Nazis planes there would all of a sudden see the silhouette of a small plane streaking across the sky, and how scary it was to see this and hear this and just how terrifying that must have been to live through it, but also how amazing it would have been to look back at these memories and share them. I only hope that when I'm Mary's age people will be as interested in my travelling stories, as they don't seem to be these days...why is that??? I find that a lot of my parents friends are unbelievably interested the countries I've been to and things I've done. People my own age however, seem to be less caring.

Maybe it's just me!!!

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