Tuesday, 9 December 2008


What is Utopia???

Utopia is your idea of perfect!

Each person has there own idea of the perfect world as because we are all different so are our opinion's on what is perfect, in some respects this is why the world works and at the same time it is the reason for many wars and fights.

Hitlers idea of Utopia very nearly happened, who are we to say that he was wrong and we were right, i agree undoubtedly that we were as the pain and suffering that he caused was catastrophic but how do we learn right from wrong and if we do learn the same as everyone else what is it that affects or changes that behaviour and creates 'bad' people like Hitler??

Questions that are asked my society create conflict but without conflict would there be a society?

*What is the right way to bring up children?
*What should the drinking age be?
*When are you ready to have sex?
Questions that are very much part of everyday life...should we not decide when we are ready to do these things...does the fact there are laws mean we see them as rules to abide by or be broken and who is it that actually decides?

On my 16th birthday for example one of my mates brought me a packet of fags and packet of condoms and a lottery ticket?!? What message does this send!

This week the question was posed 'what is your idea of utopia for the drama department in this college?'

Everyone else was talking about having something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all i wish for is that we had more rooms and more resources a room where you had all the lighting and sound for atmosphere and a room just for costume and an comfy sofa chill out room to sit and talk through ideas and research, also somewhere that could pick your thoughts out of your head and put them into words as this is general an area i struggle with (you may have noticed)...nothing too exciting just more practical, boring me!

I just think that there are a lot of all doing different things all needing different spaces and sometimes you'll go to a rehearsal and actually all you really need is to mess around with costume or lighting and sound, but you can't cause you need someone else to help you with that!!!

I don't think people realise how looked after we are at uni!

PS I would like a dungeon to put anyone who says drama is a doss subject or asks if i can me a good tree!!!!!!!!!!

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