Thursday, 11 December 2008


I'm going to talk to you now about someone very very close to me that i lost when i was 11. He was the person i shared everything with, and he took himself away, by accident.
When i was 14 i went off the rails, completely. I'm not proud of the things i did, but i did was my way of coping, i don't talk about his person now...not because i don't want to, but because it hurts.

When i was 14 i faced my first time at starting a new school by myself, i had my friends but he wasn't there. I had lost my community!

Nearly 9 years on I've only just found out who i am, through friends, travel and family i have finally found me!

I want to help people who have suffered like me, i didn't have any help at the time and i think that charities that help people who have lost loved ones especially children are fantastic.

I started getting involved with my dads charity CVOC about 2 years ago now and i get so much out of it and i think by helping them, they have helped me. Through working with these children i have realised how small others problems are and just how well children deal with death, some of there stories i couldn't even begin to tell you, they are true hero's to be able to deal with so much at such a young age. The parents stories are just as powerful as the children's and heart breaking...if you want real raw stories they are best told through that persons words and actions...this is why i love Verbatim theatre.

This is also what inspired me to travel as well as my parents love for it, i wanted to help more children around the world, so i taught i Brazil, Cambodia and India as well as having fun and seeing the sights, the greatest thing i learnt was, i can do this by myself and alone...i am still strong.

I am who i am and that's all that i can be


Mark Griffin said...

Inspiring Lucy!

Danielle Sykes said...

I loved reading that and seeing how far you have come! the strength and the experiences!

Kat said...

Lucy, as Mark said that was really inspiring and i felt you were really brave for talking about it. I had never though of just one person being your community but i suppose they can be. Makes me think of my communities ... my friends and people who have effected me. Lucy i think you are great for writing this x