Thursday, 21 May 2009


I live in the east midland, in the city of Leicestershire, in a small village called Glenfield. I attended the local village primary school carried on to the high school and college. I hated school, mainly because I was bullied; I had grown up in my mother’s residential home, so for that reason I was much more comfortable with adult company. I was not good at school, generally outside the headmaster’s office for causing disruption to the class, I was bored in school and no teacher tried to help me. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 17, and everything changed, I went from thinking I was stupid to knowing I just learn in a different way to others.
I live with mother and father, two fantastic people who I love dearly and are true hero’s in my eyes, Of course they’re not perfect but to me, that’s what makes them hero’s. As I’ve I have mentioned I lost my brother when I was eleven. This was a hard time and thanks to my family being so strong we got through this.
My friends have been my rocks for years, there are five of us all together who have been friends since we were about eight, we have all gone through very difficult times over the years, but we are a community, a strong one that has always been there for each other, even when I was on the other side of the world we kept in touch and they made coming home worth while.
I find it hard being the youngest sometimes, my sisters are a lot older than me, I was spoilt by them when I was younger, however, I soon was no longer the youngest when my nephew was born when I was eight. I still got a look in but all of a sudden I wasn’t centre of attention for them. On from that Sophie was born when I was eleven about six months after our loss, that was nice and then my youngest niece was born when I sixteen, there has never been time for sorrow in our family, luckily when ever something bad happens something good always happens...I think this has kept me balanced through my life as there has always been someone else to think about.
Who was I? I don’t know I think I was very confused when growing up, though I had the balance in my life, I don’t know that I actually ever knew who I was till I went travelling alone when I was nineteen. I wanted to work and find out who I was, I wanted to work with children because I am amazed by there coping mechanisms, children get on when adults crumble.

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