Thursday, 21 May 2009

Life in Australia

I was so excited about getting to Australia, an English speaking country, where if I was lost I could ask anyone and where I new what I was eating, I travelled with a girl I met , the whole of the east coast, it was amazing I saw some amazing sights and did some terrifying things.
The communities were very similar to those in England, the cities were busy and no one has time for anyone. But I got myself a job working on a ranch, in the out back, as a cow just has to be done. I was picked up in a big car by a lovely lady. I soon lost my signal and was travelling through the rolling country side. We travelled away from civilisation for about 2 hours! Soon we came to the ranch, by itself in the middle of nowhere.
I was woken at five in the morning to start work; I have never worked so hard in all my life! I was up every morning at 5am, “work doesn’t stop just because its the weekend here!” Barry said. We would ride the horse for about 6hours in the morning herding cattle up the mountains, sounds easy!
In the afternoon once or twice a week would ride up to some friends of the families, with all the dogs, for lunch. Sometimes they would come to us. It was lovely, everything homemade and home grown.
The only thing I did find different was that, men and women do the same work; you have to learn to be good quick, anything you don’t know you practise. You learn a different way to carry something if you find it too heavy. The girls are one of the men, no excuses. I found my body being pushed to it limits. Riding a horse free handed and guiding it with my feet is not something I was used to, I learnt how to lasso too.
The people who live here, live together and built there community together. Nothing is too much trouble and everyone knows everyone.

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