Thursday, 14 May 2009


I have been informed that some first years did attend the story telling evening.

I am not going to take back what i said before as i do feel upset that there was not more support across the board, including teachers however, i do know that this is a very stressful time, however i am glad that the people who came did enjoy the evening...we have had some brilliant feedback.

I was commenting more on the community within a university setting, I know that as a department we work possibly the most closely, i like this. I also like to feel that everyone is supporting each other.

The new degree has changed things, even when talking to first years they feel it, i have the contrast in the warm ups, the physical theatre want to be physical, the applied theatre want to focus more on drama and the drama seem happy with a mixture, this make it very hard when going into a class and trying to think of a warm up that suites everyone.

So to the the first years that came thank you very much for your support, you were clearly mixed in with the rest of the rabble.

Thanks again to all who supported.

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