Thursday, 21 May 2009

When we first started this course I was really excited, I wanted to create a really good project, which I was proud of as it would be the last thing I did before I finished Uni. Sometimes in life, especially mine, we put to mush pressure on getting things right that we forget what were actually doing.
I thoroughly enjoyed our work in Leicester, and actually our objective of making teacher – student relationship is one that I am very much for, as I didn’t feel that I ever got enough support at school.
The pupils at Longslade were extremely co-operative with us, as were the teachers in the drama department, however, the other teachers in the school were not very responsive to the work that we were doing. It was hard as we are not teachers, to try and fit in with them but at the same time we are not students, we were teaching them so felt quite unsure of ourselves.
The Workshops we held on storytelling and communication were brilliant, everyone worked very hard and even though we came across our problems along the way, I felt we worked hard as a team to get the desired outcome from our classes.
By delegating jobs we also gained the trust of the students. Kat was in charge of explaining what we were doing and introducing us, as well as leading the sessions. Bex explained the games and got everyone involved. I on the other hand played more of the joker part, I was used to demonstrate all the games, bringing in the fun, however my role was also to be the discipliner, having this contrast let me get the kids on my side and having fun but made them realise they couldn’t just mess around, but then we’d go straight back to play and jokes, this way I wasn’t seen as the baddy. I think these roles suited us very well and worked well.
Last night (12th May 09) we put on a storytelling fund raising evening, so we could raise money for our after show party at the school, we hope that the teachers and students will come together more. We expected about 25 people would come and support us, however 55 people tuned up and we made £110, which is amazing.
Even if nothing happens at Longslade, we enjoyed our time there and the kids enjoyed us being there!
Last night for me was the real community project and I hadn’t even thought about it, until I was sat looking at the faces, fully entertained by OUR stories! It brought a smile to my face and an energy back to my work.
There are communities all around us, choose them carefully though as they can make you who you are today!

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